Hi, I am Kids YouTuber in Dubai. On my channel, you will see me unboxing toys, giving tutorials, making slime, and having FUN. Furthermore, you will also watch me visiting my favourite fun places, restaurants. In my videos, I give you product reviews about what I like and dislike in the product. However, I try to be honest in my reviews.

In short, you will find love to LAUGH and find FUN in EVERYTHING!!

My goal is to become one of the Top YouTubers in Dubai. I hope you guys will help me in reaching my goal.

Rainbowcorn Series 2 Sequin Surprise

Thanks Toytriangle for sending me the Rainbocorns Series 2. Just like Series 1, Rainbocorns Series 2 is just as plush and adorable! But it is much more exciting and much more fun as you get to open 10 layer of surprise. With each sweet scented rainbowcorn you will get a boo-boo-corn, a surprise accessory, rainbowcorn poop slime and stickers.

WRAPPLES - HOW TO CARE & PLAY - Unboxing Wrapples

In this video you will see me unboxing new wrap around live wrist bands from Little Live Pets. If you want to know the details about wrapples before buying your own Furry Best Friend, then watch this video.

Pikmi Pops DoughMis Jumbo Medium and Small Doughmis Super Set!

In this video i opened super sweet scented Pikmi Pops Surprise Jumbo, Medium Small Dough Mis Scented Plush! Thanks Rosha Toys for sending me these adorable plushies.

Unboxing of Trunki, a ride-on suitcase

Unboxing of Trunki - a suitcase that your kid can ride on. Best to use for kids upto 5 years old. It's also hand luggage approved with an impressive amount of space. this original ride-on suitcase is best to say good bye to kids tantrum in airports. An ultimate boredom buster for family trips.

Fun play time with Picnic Basket by Leap Frog

This Leap Frog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket is one of the cutest learning toys I have played. I had a lot of fun with the this toy. It is a great little learning toy, it helps with find motor skills, colors, shapes, and alphabet while maintaining a good deal of imagination play and fun. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again myself, especially since the pricing is more than affordable for what you are getting.

Unboxing of Funlockets | Surprise charms | Surprise Bracelet or a Locket

Funlockets are fun collectibles full of secrets, distributed by First Gulf International in the middle east. There are 18 surprises inside each Funlockets box. Unwrap the heart key to open the 1st mystery door and find the keys in each door and unlock the mysteries! You will either find a bracelet or a bracelet in each box.

Pea Pod Babies Opening!! Collectible Babies with Toy Surprises

In this video, I am opening Pea Pod Babies sent to us from First group international. These are collectible babies and in total, you can collect 24 Pea Pod Babies. Each Pea Pod comes with three surprises including a Baby, milt bottle, pacifier, outfit, and a cuddly. You will find a birth certificate and a collector guide in the pea pods, where you can have a check on your collectors.

Oreo Fudge Brownies | Easy Brownies Recipe

Learn how to make Oreo Fudgy BROWNIES at home without butter. Easy to follow the recipe with cocoa powder and oil.

Unboxing of NEBULOUS STARS Bay Reef Fashion

In this video i created unique fashion accessories from Nebulous stars bay reef! It was super easy to make a beautiful princess tiara with the Ready-to-decorate tiara inside the box. It is a fun-filled and productive activity that i am sure you would love to experience.

Fun time on my Berg Cycle

BERG has more than 30 years experience in developing, producing and selling. In this video you will see me having fun on my @Berg cycle. It was such a fun riding my new Berg cycle.

PomSies Wearable Pom Pom Pets - Unboxing

Pom-pom pets that will wrap around your heart……Pomsies are a lovable, fashionable and interactive plush pet that you can take anywhere! There are new animal characters in the new Pomsies Wave 2. it is available at all major retailers now including Walmart, Target and Amazon.

ZURU Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties

Thanks to Zuru Toys for sending their new Cotton Candy Cuties. Fuzzy, stretchy, scented and fluffy slime like Cotton Candy that looks so real, with collectable squishy cuties inside. I loved opening and playing with it.

Little Live pets Magical Dancing Unicorn Unboxing

Sparkles, My Dancing Unicorn is the pet of my dreams! She comes with a rainbow light up horn that lights the way. This amazing unicorn reacts to your touch, she'll nuzzle up to you, trot on the spot or feed if you give her a magical cupcake.

How to Make Slime

In this video you will be watching, how i made slime by using prime ingredients glue, shaving cream and lenses solution. If You want to know the alternatives ways to make the slime, this video is for you!

Lego movie 2 lucy's builder box opening - Part 1

Mummy and I built the Lego movie 2 Lucy's builder box. I loved the unicorn kitty. If you love lego-like me you must watch this video. This 3 in 1 building set features 3 buildable models. This is the 1st part of the video. Where I built Uni kitty Spa. You can watch the second part next week. Where I am gonna build Lucy's motorcycle and dance stage.

Lego movie 2 lucy's builder box opening - Part 2

Mummy and I built the Lego Lucy's builder box from Lego movie 2. I loved Lucy's bike and dancestage. If you love Legos like me, you must watch this video. This 3 in 1 building set features 3 buildable models. This is the 2nd part of the video. Where I am building Lucysmotorcycle and dance stage. You can watch the 1st part by clicking on the like below, where I am built Uni kitty spa.

Unboxing Shopkins - Moose Toys

This video is all about my obsession with these tiny cute creatures - Shopkins. I unboxed Shopkins series one, and look how cute surprises I got. If you love shopkins, do watch this video and tell me your favourite one in the comments section.

Hairdorables Blind Box Doll unboxing

In this video, I am unboxing Hairdorables series 1. Let's see which hairdorable I will get. And what is in these blind bags.

0:02 / 6:41 Fun Playtime with Barbie Dolls, wonder woman and LOL Dolls.

Dolls come to Maheen' s kitchen and orders different food. LOL surprise doll is sad and to make her self feel better she comes to the toy kitchen food stall. Come play with me in this fun kitchen toy cooking video.

Unboxing of Edutainmentzone fun-filled learning activity

Opening edutainment zone 's cardboard activity was a fun-filled experience. I assembled the cardboard piece and gave them a house shape, coloured it and then played with it as a new house for my dolls.

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn - Oopsie Starlight - Unboxing Unicorn that Magically Makes Slime.

You guys know my obsession with Unicorns. And here I’m unboxing Poopsie Surprise Unicorn and making poopsie unicorn poop slime. I unboxed Oppsie Starlight, a unicorn with pastel rainbow hair. #Poopsiesurpriseunicorn Poopsie unicorn surprise has over 20 surprises and 4 different unicorns to collect.

Showcasing the backpack range from Just ZIPIT

In this video you will see me showcasing the full backpack range from ZIP IT. They are unique in design, very vibrant and fashionable. I loved the variety they have to choose from. From mini pouch to big pouches, from lunch box bags to school bag they cover it all. They have a fun game app as well, whenever you are board, scan one of your monster zip it and start playing. How cool is that?

Decorating wall with Elsa Wall sticker by Room mates

In this video you will see me decorating my wall with Elsa wall sticker that i got from roommates. They have variety of wall stickers. They are very good quality wall stickers and the best thing about them is they are easy to peel off from the wall.

Next Steps...

Maheenscorner is a kid influencer, YouTuber and a Product reviewer in Dubai, who offers product unboxing, unravels your latest apparel and gives her honest reviews. Overall she is a one person who can market your product on the digital world.

Hence, If you want your customers to

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