When Des Pardes Dubai Took Us For A Nostalgic Food Trip To Our Homeland!

Living abroad, one of the things you miss most, apart from your loved ones is authentic Pakistani Cuisine. This weekend we were craving rich, flavorsome & delicious Pakistani food to satisfy our taste buds. We visited Des Pardes Restaurant located near Lamcy Plaza Oud Metha, and were in for a pleasant, not to mention tasteful surprise!


The moment we pushed open the door of the restaurant, tantalizing aroma of freshly cooked desi food hit our nostrils thus fueling our appetite! I found myself salivating with anticipation even before being seated! My daughter Maheen, who is a product reviewer in Dubai, U.A.E is a die-hard fan of chicken biryani and licks her plate clean without even asking her to finish the last bite of food in her plate. Yes! That’s our love for Biryani and Pakistani food.

Staff And Service

The waiter who was assigned to us was friendly, polite and prompt! We ordered our favorite Chicken biryani, Mix Grill, Mutton Handi, Butter Chicken, Bubbly piping hot Rotis, Zarda, Firni, Gulab Jamuns, and Meethi Lassi. After placing our order, we were immediately served with Salad and Mint Raita. The serving of the salad was homogenous. After approximately 12 minutes, our order was served. Our table screamed of Lavish, plentiful & loaded Eid spread!

Scrumptious Feast

The aroma of luscious food presented before drenched our senses with delight and we dug into our food without any further delay! The lip-smacking fragrant chicken biryani made our taste buds cry in utter delight. Each grain of rice was filled with exotic flavor. The Butter Chicken was simply spectacular. Its gravy was laden with rich spices and the chicken was so well cooked that it simply melted in our mouth! The mixed grill consisted of Seekh kebabs, Malai Boti and Fish Tikka. Malai boti stood true to its name. It was succulent, tender and extremely delicious. The masala coating of the spectacular Chicken tikka stole the show! With every bite, we got the aroma of authentic spices and it was simply mind-blowing!  

Similarly, the Seekh kebabs were smoked to perfection and packed with a burst of flavors. If you are a mutton lover then Mutton Handi is a must-try! Infused with fresh spices and cooked in Desi Ghee, it was simply moreish! I am not that big fan of Meethi Lassi, and even back at home use to have the salty one, but their Meethi Lassi bowled me with its exotic sweet taste and velvety texture!


We finished our delectable, King-size feast with exquisite, delightful and mouthwatering desserts Zarda, Firni and Gulab Jamuns. Firni was creamy, thick and had pista, & almonds generously sprinkled on it. The first bite itself made me taste heaven!  I tasted Zarda after a long time and absolutely loved it. We finished off our perfect feast with super tempting, delicious and enticing Gulab Jamuns!

Wrap Up

Des Pardes stays true to its name! In Pardes, we got to taste our country’s mouthwatering delicacies! They have one of the best staff who truly provides you with great service from the moment you step into their restaurant! It is an unexplored Gem for all the authentic Pakistani food lovers. Maheen, who is a kid YouTuber in Dubai, U.A.E said it was the best biryani she tasted in Emirates! Light on pocket and high on taste, it’s a must-visit place if for families and expats who want to taste real Pakistani food!

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