Unboxing Of Picnic Basket By Leap Frog

Have you ever heard of Picnic basket that not only let you carry & enjoy the delicacies inside it but also make your kids learn about shapes, food groups and colors apart from entertaining them with some amazing sound effects and lively music. The basket itself is extremely pretty, appealing and lovely to look it. It comes in two colors respectively; pink & purple. Maheen who loves unboxing products in Dubai received it in a gorgeous pink color.

Description of Picnic Basket

Picnic basket by leap frog contains 14 pieces. It has a lovely face drawn over it which attracts the kids and toddlers alike. The plastic is of extremely good quality and the basket itself is artfully designed. It consists of attractive red & white checkered table cloth, two glasses, two shape sorting plates, two beautiful large forks, 2 square shape sandwiches, two watermelons, two oranges, and two-star shape biscuits. The pieces not only have a great hefty feel to them but are also very robust and kid-friendly.

Educational Value

The talking functionality of this basket is its best feature. It contains many phrases and songs that help your kid learn colors, shapes and magical words like “Thank You” and “Please.” My daughter loved the rainbow-themed song which not only teaches about shapes & colors but also asks your kid in a sweet melodious voice to find a food item of a specific shape. For instance, oranges are in round shape, watermelon in triangle shape and biscuits in star shape respectively. Apart from enhancing the vocabulary of your child, it also makes them familiar with prepositions such as “in” and “on” according to the requests made by the interactive basket.

Pattern Recognition, Kinesthetic abilities & Motor Skills

The basket has a shape sorter on the lid and three different play modes that are shapes, music, and colors. The basket requests your child to drop the delicious food into it and also easily recognize the food dropped into and voice out its shape and thus inadvertently help in developing your kid’s motor skills kinesthetic abilities & pattern recognition.

Final Verdict

For girl toys in Dubai and even for boys, it is a must-have toy as your child will not only learn to match shapes while playing with it but it’s different & unique play modes will keep them engage and ultimately provide unlimited fun! If you want your kid to play and learn at the same time, then this is a must-have toy!

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