Top 5 must have toys for babies 3-12 months Old

Just like any other new mom I experimented a lot in choosing toys for my baby in her 1st year. I used to buy different kind of toys thinking my daughter might like this. Some of the toys got thumbs up from her some not. So I realized whenever you go to a toy store, think about what your baby would want to buy? Observe what are the things that make your baby happy, busy and active. So Always go for the toy that has lights and music in it, and most importantly that can be easy to play with. Because it gets frustrated when your baby starts playing with the real kitchen utensils instead of the toys that you bought for her.

In this article I am going to share top 5 toys that my daughter played with in her 1st years. If you want to avoid headaches of choosing toys or don’t want to waste your money in experimenting different toys then you can choose some, from my must have toys list.

Burped baby hand drum.

In the 1st year babies flap their arms a lot. They start flapping when they see things that excite them. So for this age Baby Hand Drum is the best toy in my opinion. They can finally get something out of flapping their hands, the harder your baby will hit the drum the louder sound it will make. Flashing light that comes out of the drum makes the music more interesting and helps the baby to concentrate on the drum. Apart from that, this drum has presorted Songs, Stories and ABC, you can also connect your mobile or iPod to play the songs that your baby likes the most. If your baby is 3-12 months old go for Baby Hand Drum.
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Fisher Price Sit-to-stand interactive learning walker.

When the babies start trying to walk, interactive learning walker is very helpful and playful toy, as it gives two modes to play, sit and play or stand and walk, It has a removable play panel that makes it more useable, they can lay down it on the ground and play with it. Play panel features colorful spinning roller, pretended telephone dialer and Piano keys, every piano key plays sing along songs, music, animal sounds and fun phrases.

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Win fun activity table.

Win Fun activity table is surely a must have toy, I don’t know any baby that dint love this, especial once they start pulling up to stand, but they are not yet walking on their own. It is the best because it has tons of stimulations, songs, colours, button, flips, spinners, train track with the train that makes sound and piano keys. They toy is a lot of fun because babies at this age love to stand against any thing, and the four detachable legs makes this activity table a  good support for babies to stand up and have fun at the same time.
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Baby Einstein Music lights Turtle.

It’s a little music turtle, my daughter loved to play with it when she was 6 months old. There are five buttons all around the turtle, each button gives different music, violin, piano, classic and few more. Besides that if you hit the button that is on the top of the turtle’s back, then it starts playing all the music at the same time with flashing lights. It’s small in size so it’s easy to handle for the babies, they can keep it with them wherever they go or even in their cot where they can play with it before sleeping.
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V-Tech Spin and learn ball tower.

This is an interactive ball tower, with flashing lights and sound, which counts and spins ball and recognizes the colours. It is best for the babies and toddlers; they spend hours in dropping the balls and watching them roll. It doesn’t only keep them busy, but they get to learn different colours name also.
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