Product Review Of Trunki; A Ride On Suitcase!

Spotted many times at airports, train stations, tramps & even in malls, these adorable, beautiful and eye-catching kids’ suitcase might have tempted you to buy one for your own kid. Luckily, we got one and my daughter who is a frequent traveler & kid product reviewer in Dubai loved it to the core.  I can already bet, Trunki is going to be one of our favorite, and most cherished traveling products in the years to come as she can easily pack her favorite dresses, accessories, and toys in it but can also ride it. Double fun!

Trunki kids’ suitcases are not only handy, practical & cute but give a sense of belonging to your kids. Having their own personal luggage can make them more excited about their holidays and can be boredom buster while they have to stand in a long queue to wait to board their flight. Your kid can not only pack their luggage in it when you travel or go for vacations but he/she can also use it as a storage box for their charming, dainty, millions of small toys.

Moreover, if your little girl love to make up and adorn different types of accessories, then they can use it as their makeup or jeweler box. Trunki comes in a variety of captivating, appealing & delightful designs. And the best thing is, you can design your own Trunki. My daughter received it in Fuchsia color and she is in love with it. If you are going to travel in the near future and trying to decide whether to buy one for your kid or not then read the product review of Trunki below.

More About Trunki

Trunki is a kids & toddlers traveling suitcase that has a built-in child seat.  It is exclusively made for kids so that they can pack their valuable& precious delightful little stuff in it, sit on it like a pro and ride it to their heart’s content. Trunki is made of premium quality plastic that can be easily cleaned, wiped & sanitized in case your kid accidentally spill their favorite juice or milkshake on it. Moreover, it is super light and can be pulled easily through busy train stations and airports.

Features Of Trunki

Trunki comes in various colors, designs, and shapes. You can easily put all your kid’s luggage in it along with their favorite toys as it has a capacity of 18 liters, which is more than enough to pack a kid’s necessary stuff. The best thing about Trunki is that it is extremely lightweight. Even your kid can pull it around easily without getting tired. It has a key strap attached to it that can easily be used either as a pull or shoulder strap.

 My daughter loved it and played with the key strap for quite some time. Furthermore, the length of the strap can be easily adjusted to your child’s convenience.  The Trunki has an interior stuff pocket where your kid can keep their treasured items safely. Also, it has small cute teddy bear seat belts that prevent stuff from falling on to the ground when you open it. On one side of the suitcase, you can place your kid’s dresses, toiletries & other essential stuff whereas on the other side you can place their favorite toys that they love to carry with them where ever they go. It has 5 years warranty & comes with an ID label which your kid will no doubt love to fill with his/ her name.

Easy To Pull Around

Undoubtedly, Trunki is really easy to pull around, and when your kid gets tired by all the walking, they can easily ride on it or you can tow them using the long adjustable strap.  My daughter who loves unboxing products in Dubai is simply in love with it. With Trunki, you no longer need to carry a stroller or sit in airport trolleys. Trunki allows your kid to pack, carry, hold or ask you to tow them easily through the airport towards their holiday destination in luxury, comfort & style!

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