Indulge your sweet tooth at The Choco Monarch!

My experience at the Choco Monarch

My experience at The Choco Monarch

Visited The Choco Monarch Al Ghurair Centre outlet on Saturday with my family. As soon as I entered the café, the sweet-smelling aroma of freshly baked waffles and exotic Belgian chocolate hit my nostrils and fueled my appetite even before I ordered their dessert to fulfill my sweet cravings. The joyous, happy and contented face of customers already seated there combined with their chocolate inspired rich ambiance made me want to indulge in their sweet, delectable and mouthwatering menu with great gusto.

They have a wide variety of desserts to choose from. From Crepe Monarch to Crispy Ice-cream, from Waffle stick to chocolate Lava, from Mocha Frappe to Monster milkshake. With mouth already salivating at thought of relishing these heavenly delights, my mom and I ordered their famous crepe Oreo, chocolate lava and a Monster milkshake.

My Visit to The Choco Monarch

Chocolate Crepe:

You have to try it to believe how delicious it is. Freshly made crepes stuffed with fruits and drizzled with their trademark three types of melted chocolates, they were no doubt a sight to behold. When I cut my crepe, the fruits and chocolate just oozed out from its thin layer and made my heart dance in anticipation. The first bite was divine. The rich flavor of crepe, fruits, and chocolate just busted in my mouth and delighted all my taste buds. Enjoyed my chocolaty crepe time to the fullest.

Chocolate Crepe at Choco Monarch

Monster Milkshake:

Their Monster milkshake is what dreams are made of. Served in Mason jar and topped with dripping chocolate, wafer sticks and Oreos it made my eyes twinkle and my mouth drool. The taste was extremely rich and delicious. My stomach gave a satisfied growl after having it. Now I know where to head for whenever I crave for something sweet, healthy and scrumptious to drink. As a product reviewer in Dubai, I highly recommend it! Customer for life!


Indulged in this chocolate heaven - Monster Oreo Milkshake

Monarch Brownie:

The Sight of the plate alone made my jaw drop in anticipation and its sheer beauty. Artistically drizzled with rich descendant Belgian chocolate, the warm thick brownie sat proudly on the sheer white dessert plate along with authentic Belgian Vanilla ice-cream.

As soon as I pricked into the brownie with my spoon, warm, rich, gooey dark Belgian chocolate oozed out! The first spoon drenched my senses in utter bliss. If this is not heaven, then I don’t know what it is? Rich warm freshly baked brownie combined with cold, luscious velvety chocolate sent me to cloud nine. Before even I knew it, I finished my dessert in no time. Extremely happy with the monarch brownie. As a Dubai Influencer, I will gladly recommend it to everyone.


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So, what are you waiting for? Head to The Choco Monarch Official with your family today and treat your taste buds with delicious chocolate desserts!




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