How Grand Barbecue In Dubai Truly Lived Up To Its Name And Took Us For A Gluttonous Ride!

As an expatriate living in the city of gold, it is very rare to find a modish buffet restaurant that serves authentic Indian, Pakistani & international cuisines that satisfy your taste buds to no end and make you take a nostalgic trip back to your homeland. This weekend, gastronomic fairy descended from food heaven and granted our wish of relishing Pan Asian cuisine that satisfied our craving for devouring delicious, scrumptious and palatable food. It truly lives up to its tagline “Eat till you drop.”

Grand Barbecue undoubtedly offers the most lavish, appetizing and lip-smacking buffet in the town. As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I was bowled over by its luxurious, colorful and exotic ambiance. Brightly lit with stunning curved pillars adds to the grandeur of the restaurant. The interiors remind you of rich Mughal aura and the photo frames that adorned the walls made me smile with their witty quotes. Maheen, who is a kid influencer in Dubai, was dazzled by the interiors and straight away went to their dessert bar and asked for their jiggly Strawberry Jelly.

We were ushered to our table and the beautiful aroma of fresh BBQ hit my nostrils and made my mouth salivate. My senses drenched in an extravagant display of 100 delicacies from starters to exquisite desserts made me take a trip to Nirvana and ask the attendee what is their most famous dish. I asked them what items do they have for kids and he guided me with one famous dish from each section for children and adults alike.

They had several stations of food ranging from the salad bar to live counters of lush Dim sum, toothsome pasta, savory noodles, mouthwatering chaats, succulent BBQ and rich desserts. Maheen and I decided to start with the salad section. They had 15 types of a wide array of tasty salads with 8 types of salad dressings. After devouring their Chicken & Pineapple, Red Beans and Fattoush salad we gobbled their Batter-Fried Prawns which were truly luscious. We were also provided with the drinks menu which had a variety of juices, sodas & lassi.

The best thing I loved about their menu is that they had thoughtfully planned out Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The flavorful, melt in mouth kebab platter was served to us on the table which consisted of small bite-sized Tandoori, Hariyali Kebabs, Chili Chicken and Fried Fish. My daughter Maheen, who is a Youtuber loved their Tandoori kebabs. No doubt they were infused with rich spices and were soft & tender. I smiled in delight when she said: “Mummy I want them daily for my school lunch.” This is no doubt one of the biggest compliments coming from a 5-year-old. Chefs of Grand Barbeque, truly take a bow.

We tried each and every dish from all the counters. There are no doubt limitless options and every dish is tasty & divine. The panipuri counter had me rooted to my spot. The perfect golden Puris stuffed with mashed potatoes and served with meethi and teekhi chutney made me remind of the famous Pani Puri of my country.

By the end of the buffet, our stomachs were filled to the T but our heart wanted to consume more of their ravenous food. My daughter loved their chocolate fondue & live ice curl ice cream section and enjoyed watching the whole process of making live ice-cream. Usually, in buffets, you will get an enormous quantity, but seldom will you find quality. But in Grand Barbeque, you are bound to get quality food with quantity. Its menu is a thoughtful fusion of Pan Asian & contemporary dishes. From Crabs to Butter chicken, from Alfredo pasta to chicken biryani, you will find everything in their buffet.

The one thing I want to talk about is their service. Their staff is so attentive & vigilant and provide you with your favorite dishes on a whim of your fingers. Moreover, they have a spacious area for kids to play and roam around while enjoying their meal. If you want to have an array of sapid food and that too at a reasonable price, then Grand Barbeque is a must-visit restaurant!

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