How Crabonanza Had Our Taste Buds Dance In Utter Joy!

Mr. Crab located inside the magnificent Burjuman Mall is a true “Seafood heaven.” The ambiance comprised of emerald green and electric blue color dazzled our senses and appeased our eyes even before we set foot inside the hustling bustling restaurant. My daughter Maheen, who is a kid’s influencer in Dubai gasped and said, “Mommy, it’s so beautiful, just like Nemo movie.” No doubt, they have played well with their interiors which bespoke of style, elegance, and opulence. They even have a seating area outside which is great for winters. The quirky and lively atmosphere, the wood pallets not only fueled our hunger but also gave us a silent promise of a delicious meal.

Mr. Crab is truly an ultimate treat for the seafood lover! They have a wide variety of seafood options from fish to shrimps, crabs to mussels, lobsters to calamari. Even writing about them right now is making my mouth water and crave for their food again! The staff was polite, prompt, friendly and courteous. They guided us on their elaborate menu which comprised of poultry options as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see their variety of salads and sauces. The have salivating a variety of starters and we ended up ordering their salads, appetizers and 3 main courses. They have unlimited seafood options to choose from. I got confused about whether to order crabitizer or Crabonaza platter. Apart from it, they offer an infinite range of drinks. We ordered Blue lemonade and loved it to the core.

My daughter and I truly relished Dynamite prawns as soon as they were served.  Also, the main course that we ordered was huge in portion and satiate your appetite by just looking at it. The best thing was that we got our own personal waiter who gave us valuable information about the food and also offered gloves and apron so that our clothes don’t get messy or blotched with their mouthwatering sauces.

While conversing with our personal waiter, I randomly mentioned that Maheen’s birthday is after two days and they rendered me speechless by their gallantry, thoughtfulness and warm hospitality. The lovely staff brought out their stunning birthday frame, candle and wished her happy birthday in the sweetest way possible!  As we had already ordered scrumptious molten lava cake which was finger-licking good and made us take a trip to chocolate paradise, they brought Cookies N Pan to celebrate Maheen’s birthday with great gusto and zeal. The soft, chewy and gooey cookie had an enormous perfect globe of Vanilla ice-cream on top of it that was generously drizzled with fudge sauce and topped with cookies crust. To say it was heavenly will be an understatement.

My daughter Maheen, who is a You tuber in Dubai, thoroughly enjoyed the surprise and million-dollar gesture done by the staff of Mr. Crab in Burjuman Mall. We are no doubt customer for life as on our way back, my daughter said with a satisfied smile on her face, “Mummy I really liked that place.”  We are definitely going back there again due to their genuine hospitality and best seafood in town.

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