Honest Product Review Of Cute,Lovable Pea Pod Babies

Hi, Guys today we will be unboxing Pea Pod babies as we received these lovely babies from Blogger mail. These collectible cute, eye appeasing little dolls have three surprises. A baby, clothing, and accessories. In total there are 24 endearing babies to collect! You just need to pop them, take the babies out and play with them! As a kid’s product reviewer & influencer in Dubai, you will get an honest review on this page.

They literally look like real peas. The best thing about them is that they are nice and stretchy!  Each pea pod has three hard balls inside it. They are beautifully wrapped in mint green stickers that have pictures of Peapod babies and their accessories on it. Not many are aware of the fact, all pea pod babies have special magical properties that give them life. Moreover, every peapod baby is unique. Just like us humans. They have different colors, shapes, and personalities.

We got three babies out of the twenty-four named June, Danial, and Jerald. Let’s have a quick introduction to these cuties. All these babies come with a sticker where you can write down the name of the babies, birth date, and baby of. Your kids can officially own them by signing on their birth certificate. We received the following three babies and as a product reviewer we are going to tell you in detail about each baby.


My daughter loved this darling, beautiful precious baby. She loves to play with her rattle and eat banana yogurt. Its ornaments were pink cute baby jumper, pacifier, hat, and horse toy and milk bottle. My daughter was absolutely delighted to receive her. She was given the name of Lily by my influencer daughter who is also a great & honest product reviewer.


This baby is older than the rest of the babies. His favorite past time is to watch movies with his mommy and chase his Daddy dearest around the house. Recently, he learned how to use a “sippy cup” which is a huge accomplishment. We received orange clothes for this baby along with a feeder, pacifier, toy airplane, and yellow color cap and baby seat. My daughter Maheen named him Jack-Jack.


This is the third and last baby that we received. This adorable baby loves to have French fries just like my daughter who is a product reviewer in Dubai. Daniel loves music just like his parents who are great musicians and loves to shake his petite little body to the rhythm of the music. The accessories which we received with him are teddy bear, hat, and tiny mint green color dress. Your kids will love these flexible, delightful and charming little babies. Dress them, feed them, play with them and take them along with you where ever you go!

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