FunLockets Surprise Jewelry Box Unboxing!

Undoubtedly, fun lockets surprise jewelry box is no less than a treasure box for young girls who love to adorn themselves with accessorize. We were overjoyed when we received this sparkling, gleaming box of surprise charms. Maheen, who loves unboxing products in Dubai, fell in love with these lockets instantly.

Girls love to dress up, makeup and wear jewelry that goes with their outfit. Be it anklets, bracelets, earrings or necklace. The funlockets surprise jewelry box is no doubt treat for all young stylish girls! Each secret jewelry box has 18 surprises in it, which maintains the surprise element of the child till the end. You just need to turn the key and see what’s inside it. As you open each door, you’ll find hidden key charms and fun charms in each drawer. The best thing is each secret jewelry box includes a necklace or bracelet. There is a total of 75 charms to collect in total. It can be either a necklace or bracelet.

The Funlockets charms come in a beautiful cubical box and each box has one main glittering key which is used to open the mystery door to unlock the surprising charm or a piece of jewelry. The key is a sight to behold and is of heart shape. The purple color key is used to open the purple door. In the first door, we got the crown charm and a hot dog key. We used it to open the other door and got fairy & milkshake shaped charm. In the third door, we were bestowed with roller skate & dragon charm key. The dragon charm key was used to unlock the top main door. You’ll be delighted to find a mirror inside the main jewelry box along with a collector’s guide, bracelet, and cute little popcorn charm.

Your little princess will undoubtedly love to make her own bracelet by hanging all the charms in it just like mine. In the collector’s guide, you can easily mark all the charms that your baby girl unlocked in her surprise jewelry box. In the second box, we got a monkey, fries, ice-cream, glittery heart, harm burger charm, and a necklace. No doubt this is a must-have girl toys in Dubai.

In the third and the last box, we again received fries, gifts and two arrows.  Get your kids this incredibly phenomenal mystery box and get ready to be delighted with each surprise you receive inside each door. Get your hands on this box of delight and have fun unlocking the mysteries with your baby girl.

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