Blogger review: Princess Karaoke

Just like other kids in this age, my daughter loves the music. She loves to sing and play with musical toys.  By keeping her interest in mind, I decided to buy a karaoke for her. Where she can sing her favorite songs and pretend to wow the crowd.  But when I went to the toy store I realized that buying a toy is not an easy task. There were numerous options. It was hard for me to pick one. Some of them were looking quite professional and some did not have good quality. But I wanted something that has good quality, advanced yet easy to understand features in a reasonable price.

I found Princess Karaoke has all the options that I was looking for. So I decided to buy it and my daughter loved it. She loves to play with it and pretends as if she is actually on the stage. The satisfaction that my child likes what I bought for her, gave me the idea to help other parents out there in selecting the karaoke for their children. So being a blogger, I decided to write this toy review so if you are planning to buy something like this for your kid, don’t get confused with so many options, and just buy Princess Karaoke straight away.

Features of this unique toy

This unique toy machine has a microphone with adjustable stand that gives you the option to set the mic on the stand or take it wherever you want. The adjustable stand ensures the long time use; you can set the stand according to your kid’s height. Other than that it has several other features, including flashing light, background music, and clapping sound and auxiliary port. The background music option helps the little singer to have background music of their choice, whereas the clapping sound option, can be played after your kid is done signing, the appreciation sound will make them feel that they are actually performing in front of a crowd. Moreover the auxiliary port helps you to plug your mobile or any music player with this toy, and sing along to different songs.

Toy Tester: Sound Quality of Princess Karaoke


The sound quality of the microphone is very crisp and clear and the adjustable Volume option allows you to set the volume according to your choice and mood. If you don’t want your kid to make loud noise, set it on minimum volume and if you are also in a fun mode place it to high volume. The best thing about this toy is, that it has advance features and best quality but in a very reasonable price.

Princess Karaoke is available in two colours, White and pink. I chose pink because my daughter loves pink colour.

I strongly recommend all parents to surprise their kids with this karaoke if their children like to have silly singing fun activities, and do share your comments on this toy review.

To watch toy tester video go to Maheenzcorner’s Instagram page.

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