Blogger post- why music is important in Child Development.

Do you know, apart from keeping the parents awake at night, what is common in every kid? Well, that is the love for music. Naturally every kid loves music. You can experience the love for music in your kids from the day they born.
Very early in their life, children start to identify rhythm and even move to the beats of music. Which make this saying true that, music is meant to touch our souls!
Besides that, music has scientific value as well; it has proven that music provides support in children’s early development. In this blogger post, I am going to tell you why music is important in child Development.

Sensory development improves with music

In order to improve child’s sensory development we make them experience different things, such as taste, textures and colours. Just like how we make our child to taste different kind of flavours, sweet, salty, sour and bitter, in order to improve their senses of taste, same way exposing your child to different types of music helps to form more pathways between the cells in their brains. This effect doubles when you associate music to different activities for example dancing.

Music changes the mood

it’s an old practice to sing a lullaby or play a soothing music near your baby so they can sleep fast. The reason to do is, when the listen to the music it changes their mood. So even when they are not in a mood to sleep, when they hear the relaxing and soothing music it changes their mood altogether, which helps them to sleep faster.

Music helps in improving vocabulary

Babies learn faster when you teach them something in a rhythm. Toddlers don’t understand the words in nursery rhymes but they try to make the words out of it. The best example for this is ABC song. Many of the toddlers pick L-M-N-O-P as a word. It’s because they understand musical language more than any another language. So instead of thinking its different alphabets they say it together like a word. This example shows that even the difficult words can be taught to a toddler if it’s in a musical form.

Music builds sense of coordination

Not the word but kids do understand the rhythm of the song. Just play any song, and you will see your kid will start dancing according to the beat of the music. They start jumping up and down. They coordinate their movement according to the rhythm. This movement does not only help them to build up strength and balance but also improves their sense of coordination.

Music helps in learning

Babies can identify different type of sounds. Just in few days baby is able to identify their mother’s voice. This natural ability to decode sounds and words in a baby can be enhanced by introducing them to the music. Nursery rhymes help the child to identify sound patterns and repetition can result the long term memorization.
Studies have proved that functions of the brain that we use to process the music are the same to those functions used in processing language.

After explaining the importance of music in children life, I want to recommend all the parents to try to buy musical baby toys for their little ones. That will not only help them in playing but they will learn from those toys as well.
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