Welcome to my Corner. Hope you have a good time here!

First of all, let me introduce myself.  I am a young kid from Pakistan, living in UAE - Dubai. Just like the other kids, I also love to dress up well, play with toys, draw and eat. Above all, there is one thing that I am crazy about i-e UNICORN!

Besides this website, I am also available on Instagram and YouTube.

In no time, I have received immense love from you guys, in the form of followers and subscribers. Thanks for showering so much love.

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Hi, I am Kids YouTuber in Dubai. On my channel, you will find love to LAUGH and find FUN in EVERYTHING!!
You will see me unboxing toys, tutorials, visiting my favourite fun places, restaurants, making slime, and having FUN and getting ENTERTAINMENT. In my videos, I give you product reviews about what I like and dislike in the product. My goal is to become one of the Top YouTubers in Dubai. I hope you guys will help me in reaching my goal.


Hi, I am a Dubai Instagram Influencer. Maheenscorner is all about me, my activities, what I like to wear, what I like to play with, and what kind of places I like to visit. Basically it's all about spending my day to day life, and influencing people what to buy, by reviewing different products. As an honest Influencer, I try my best to give the unbiased product reviews, food and places that you should choose for your young ones. To know more about this social media influencer, follow her now.

Product Reviewer

Hi, I am a Product reviewer in Dubai. My blog will give you product reviews and guide you on how to choose things wisely for your kids because QUALITY is something you should not compromise on. Because you will get to read the first-hand review from a kid, hence you will get a better idea in choosing products for your kids. You will not only read about kids fashion, girls stylish dresses, accessories, toys for kids, but also about food, places to visit with kids in Dubai and little girls hairstyle ideas on this platform.


Maheenscorner is a kid influencer, YouTuber and a Product reviewer in Dubai, who offers product unboxing, unravels your latest apparel and gives her honest reviews. Overall she is a one person who can market your product on the digital world.

Hence, If you want your customers to

  • See your Toys and products in action before they buy.
  • Show the adventures of your theme parks and hotels.
  • Look at the hustle-bustle of your restaurant.
  • Check your new apparel and accessories designs.

Furthermore, if you are interested in another kind of collaboration on our one platform or even more,  just write us an email at maheenscorner@gmail.com or click on the button to DM us on Instagram.